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kon35: “ I wanna be with you. ”

kon35: “ I wanna be with you. ”

tailgate & cyclonus

tailgate & cyclonus<<<I'm sorry but his face was just too good

little one

My second free print for the [last] Auto Assembly 2015 convention First print Hot Summer: Drift Cool Summer: Rodimus

(2) "AW COME ON!" I feel the same Whirl.

blitzy-blitzwing: “ I love the aus, where everyone knows that Cyclonus and Tailgate already love each other and they’re just silently urging them to confess already.

tailgate kawaii - Google Search

That feel when you draw on the wrong layer : Photo

Cyclonus and Tailgate..

There were some amazing scenes on MTMTE I just wanted to draw them First Aid: This part made me tear up.

#wattpad #random The MTMTE Crew

Read TOO CUTE from the story The MTMTE Crew by BayverseYellowjacket (♍Yuriri & Yellowjacket) with 149 reads. Ha so cute Comments_Tailgate

It was fairly challenging MTMTE issue GWAAAHHHHHH! MTMTE: Don't Go