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Plying Yarn: How to Ply Yarn the Simple Way

Learning how to ply yarn is easier than you think with these expert, step-by-step spinning instructions plus the best ways to store your yarn and more!

Washing Raw Wool

Instructions for washing or scouring your raw wool fleece fiber. A Child's Dream

How to Make Bulkier Yarn with Chain-Plying — With Wool

Way back when, at least on the internet time-scale, I wrote a tutorial about how to chain-ply commercial yarn to manipulate color which you can read here . The variegated yarn I used flashed and pooled no matter how I knit with it, and chain-plying it created a beautiful marled yarn. Then I used

Beginner's Guide to Hand Dyeing Yarn -

Beginner's Guide to Hand Dyeing Yarn Learn the basics of how to hand dye beautiful yarn! Where to find yarn, what type of dye to use and more

Drop Spindle Spinning: Making and Using Your First Spindle - Countryside

I’ve always liked making things with my hands, so when I took a spinning for beginners class I was hooked. I learned how to crochet years ago, so spinning became the next logical step for me to take. Why buy yarn when you can make it yourself? I knew I had to get my hands on a drop spindle.

Learn How to Spin Your Own Yarn

Spinning your own yarn is a time-honored skill and one that is enjoyable and practical. Here's how to get started.

Scouring Wool at Home without Felting It -

Scouring Wool correctly without felting it. Step by step instructions for hand washing wool the correct way so it doesn't felt.