Hans Nissen Berntsen

Hans Nissen Berntsen

Hans Nissen Berntsen
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Angrboda Quasar by stormserpent on deviantART

after having solved some troubles with a plugin for max, i finally managed to render my latest car: the angrboda quasar. using 4 magnet motors, each one in a wheel and two gas turbines filling .

La Renault Trezor Más

Recently, the 2017 Renault TreZor Electric GT supercar was leaked to the public, and now, it's been formally uncovered at the Paris Motor Show. The all-electric 2017 car comes furnished with a

just shut up and take my money!

Cool Stuff I Want Pics) Shut up and take my money! Perfect to give away to trailer home families and things like that.

Old-fashioned flying car

Old-fashioned flying car.falls under the heading of omg