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IdnlyeT.jpg (1600×900)

The concept images (pictured) were created by Californian artist Cuba Lee. He depicts how space miners will extract minerals from space rocks using large drills and gas chambers.

Thekno City by JJasso

a / Digital matte painting , inspired in a futuristic japanese city Thekno City

ArtStation - ACP-17 , Pat Presley

Hovering gun concept by our friend Pat Presley. Keywords: concept hovering tank gun concept render illustration design by pat presley ima.

ArtStation - The Silver Calm, Pat Presley

Pat Presley is a freelance Concept Designer and Visual Development Artist working in the video game and entertainment industry. His list of past projects include Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.

Destroyer Landing by JJasso

A couple of concept designs from Jaime's futuristic NAVY ships Series. Keywords: futuristic navy concept spaceship art design by jaime.