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Yaki imo is a type of Japanese street food that uses wood fire to bake sweet potatoes. Check out this San Jose Japanese restaurant infographic to learn about other types of Japanese street food sold around the country.

Boracay on a Budget: A World-Class Island in the Philippines on $23 a day | Can you visit one of the most beautiful islands in the world on a low budget? Yes, you can! I'll show you how to enjoy Boracay on less than 1000 PHP ($23 / €17) a day. - via @Just1WayTicket #travel #guide

Enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in the world on a low budget! I'll show you where to find cheap hotels, accommodation, bars and restaurants in Boracay.

The Philippines Travel Journal by Younghusband World Travel Journals (

'I don't always design travel journals, but when I do they are the kind of travel journals that people throw parades for.' - Cormac Younghusband, The World's Most Legendary Nomad THE PHILIPPINES TRAVE

The Philippines

The Philippines, Crossroads of the Orient. Vintage Philippine Air Lines travel poster showing the route of the Orient Star. Airplanes can be seen departing from Manila, circa

Indonesia. Visit Indonesia...I'll give you the real cheat..hahaha

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