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▶ DIY hand-held gimbal for GoPro - YouTube

Just for fun I made a small gimbal to test new experimental mode, that allows to easely and naturally point camera by one hand.

SHAPE Drop Brushless ISEE I Gimbal Camera Rig for GoPro’s:

Canadian camera gear manufacturer SHAPE have dropped a brushless gimbal camera rig for the GoPro series of cameras.

Arris GY01 DIY Handheld 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal for Gopro3 3+

Arris DIY Handheld Brushless Gimbal for

Feiyu FY G3 Steadycam 手持ち 2-軸 ブラシレス カメラ ジンバル Gopro 3用

Feiyu Tech FY Steadycam Handheld Brushless Camera Gimbal for Gopro 3 - FeiYu - Accessories by Brand

Gyromatic Go2X GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer - Gyromatic is s a leader in handheld brushless Gimbal stabilizers specializing in the GoPro, BlackMagic, DSLR and similar type cameras. Whether you are filming an action sequence, filming from a boat, helicopter or camel, interviewing a punter or jumping off a cliff, the result you get from filming with the Go2X is second to none. | Desire This

GoPro is primary an action cam. however, with a development of rig like this Gyromatic GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer you see here, the application of the GoPro can go beyond