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an army tank sitting on top of snow covered ground
Hungarian Army Takes Delivery of 44 Leopard 2A7HU Main Battle Tanks
Hungary is set to unveil the arrival of the technologically advanced Leopard 2A7HU main battle tanks, slated to join the heavy brigade of...
four different types of tanks are shown in this graphic style, including one with camouflage on it
M1A1IP (Improved Performance )Abrams 'US Main Battle Tank , variants
an army vehicle parked in front of a building
IFV EBRC Jaguar 6x6
two soldiers are sitting on top of an army tank in the middle of a field
クスロウ on Twitter
an army tank driving down a road with a flag on top and two men in the back
several tanks are lined up in the snow
Fotografie, Leger, Chiến Tranh Việt Nam, Fantasy
an army tank driving down a dirt road next to some green grass and trees in the background
four different tanks are shown in black and white, with the caption below it
IL-29 Kitbash by Tetchist on DeviantArt
two pictures of tanks with men in them on the front and back, one is green
Personal M 113
Modelismo Militar : Personal M 113