OMG this made me laugh so much

Scumbag Bono

Funny pictures about Bono Gets Owned. Oh, and cool pics about Bono Gets Owned. Also, Bono Gets Owned photos.


Just act natural. No one will notice. Just. NATURAL - Meme of a kid playing in a marching band without his instrument but acting like he still has it

Dump A Day Funny Picture Dump Of The Day - 55 Pics

In University a student was asked by a Professor to write a 5 page essay about Courage page blank essay) He got an A+. Like a Boss Meme. Pardon the language. but this is just too brilliant.

Teenager post- me: why is everyone going to bed. ( soo me- even more so because I am and will always be a night owl)

The Nicolas Cage Prank... I AM DOING THIS

Nicolas Cage pranks « Humor « ImgLuLz – Funny Pics and More ~that's a lot of work! I would be sooo mad!

All the time!

Link25 (054) - The Drifting Cats Edition

This is exactly how I feel when people apologize for "the mess." If only they could see my house, they would know what a mess is.

I'm sorry I didn't answer my phone when you called. I don't use it for that.


Balding post-its...awesome

Balding post-its - awesome idea for hair salons, hair loss treatment centres & barbers. Gift for your clients or post-its for your salon.

Ain't nobody got time for that!!!

What a waste of time