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a hand is holding a candy shop with many candies and sweets in the box
Candy shop♡ ♡ by Klein Klein
many different types of food are shown together
Look at this Little Thing!
xodonnalove: Kawaii Polymer Clay Charms! She is so awsome! Her youtube channel is KawaiiFriday
a close up of a toy doll on a floor
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la petite deco, polymer clay
miniature croissants and pastries in plastic containers
Micro-Replicas of Food and Household Items Made From Clay by Tomo Tanaka
Nunu's house miniatures... niente da dire. Si fermano anche i treni, vedendo la tua perfezione!
there is a miniature plate with sweets on it next to a penny and some candies
teacup. byGMO サービス終了のお知らせ|GMO MEDIA
Nunu's House, miniatures, miniature food
there are many small food items on the tray
Nunu's House(田中智) on Twitter
2016, abril. By Bonne Chance in Nunu's House ♡ ♡
three red bowls filled with different types of food on top of a white tablecloth
nunu's house on
a display case filled with lots of different types of desserts and pastries in glass cases
Nunu's House(田中智) on Twitter
this appears to be Nunu's House's sales displays from a show. What I wouldn't give if they would sell in the US!!
a tray with sushi and chopsticks is shown on a white tablecloth
Nunu's House(田中智) on X
2016, abril. By Bonne Chance In Nunu's House ♡ ♡
there is a miniature box with food in it
Nunu's House (handmade miniature1/12)
Nunu's House (facebook) | おせち
four miniature food items are sitting on a small piece of wood, with the words nann's house written in chinese
Nunu's House(田中智) (@miniature_MH) / X
nunu's house - by tomo tanaka -
an assortment of sushi in a red bowl
a miniature box filled with lots of different types of doughnuts next to coins
Nunu's House(田中智) (@miniature_MH) / X
nunu's house(@miniature_MH)さん | Twitter
a tray filled with different types of donuts and tea next to other items on a table
nunu's house
there is a box of miniature pastries on the table
*Nunu's HouseのミニチュアBlog* 1/12サイズのミニチュアの食べ物、雑貨などの制作blogです。
Petit fours. Can't wait to take this class next quarter :)