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"Things mommies say that scare and excite littles!"  Part 1

"Things mommies say that scare and excite littles!

Absolutely none. ♥ Loki's Dirty Whispers

♥ Loki's Dirty Whispers ~ This reminds me of 'Bad Tings' one of my favorite books

There is a particular character in my head who is mush and another who is snickering.

devilish-midweek-divulgence: “Submission divulged by literaryjacks (fan fantasy): “Do you think you’re not beautiful?

"When next you wake from dreaming with fear in your heart, a gasp in your throat, and my name on your tongue, know this: even before my name escapes your lips in a plea for my presence, I will be there. I will soothe the anxiety from your brow with my cooling touch and clear the nightmare tangles from the silken hair on your pillow. By the time I am through, you will be sleeping peacefully against me again, held safe in my arms, angelic and beautiful as ever in your rest."

Submission: “I want to ride you like you’ve never been ridden before. I want to fill you up…I want to feel my hips sliding between your thighs, I want you to take me deep inside you, I want to feel.