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You don't really want to be rubbing bacteria and expired products all over your face. Read more about why these expiration dates apply here.

This is exactly how long you should be keeping every beauty product you own. - Makeup and skin care expiration dates beauty hacks, makeup, skincare

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Sweep lashes upward before the glue sets. From "how to apply bottom/under/lower false fake eyelashes"

i need to learn how to put on any type of lashes and save my thirty five dollars lol☺

How to Put on Eyelashes Like a Minki Lashes Queen in 7 Steps! This step-by-step tutorial is loaded with Valeria's tips and tricks to make your mink eyelashes application easier and more effective.

[pin_description] .click to read guides on makeup! by bbooky

[pin_description] .click to read guides on makeup! by bbooky