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two white bowls filled with soup next to spoons and butter on a gray surface
Enkel fiskesuppe med red curry, torsk og reker - Hege Cecilie
a white plate topped with soup next to a glass of wine
a bowl filled with food next to two spoons and a piece of bread on the side
Slik lager du Bølgen & Mois fiskesuppe
Det enkle er det beste med Trond Mois fiskesuppe.
some food is sitting on a plate with sauce and cilantro next to it
two pieces of bread topped with shrimp and guacamole on top of each other
Små butterdejstærter med avocado og rejer
a glass bowl filled with shrimp salad and garnished with herbs, on a marble surface
Skagenröra - Lindas Bakskola & Matskola
a bowl of soup with carrots, celery and bread
Kremet fiskesuppe med reker | Coop Marked - Coop Marked / Matkroken
a bowl of soup with bread and spoons next to it on a cooling rack
Asiatisk fiskesuppe