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Sushi rice in a Hangiri

The best sushi rice recipe: Sushi rice in a Hangiri "This is the same sushi rice recipe that my now 80 year old Japanese mother used to make sushi for me when I was growing up.

Yema Cake Recipe - Bake Happy

Yema Cake is another type of cake that Filipinos could be boast of. This one is a big hit among Filipinos because of its seductive taste that's probably the reason why it became popular all over Metro Manila.

Frost with the Most : You’ve most likely seen (or eaten) rich, fluffy buttercream frosting on top of a cake or a cupcake. Buttercream is popular for good reason: It's easy to color, takes to many flavorings and makes a great decorating medium. There are a few different kinds — the main ones are American, French, Swiss and Italian — which range in fluffiness, color, lightness and stability. Each is enticing in its own way, and some are simpler to make than others. Click ahea...

Buttercream Frosting Guide - Learn the differences between (and get recipes for) the four main buttercream varieties.

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Nutty Blueberry Coffee Cake - With its smart ingredients, you can totally rationalize a second slice of this coffee cake loaded with burst berries and crunchy nuts. Opt for frozen blueberries for an excuse to make it year-round.

Roasted Garlic Clove Chicken

Roasted Garlic Clove Chicken : Juicy, herb-crusted chicken thighs make a comforting yet perfectly elegant main dish for a holiday celebration. The soft, roasted garlic cloves are excellent spread on fresh bread. via Food Network