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there is a white cake with raspberries on the top and one slice missing
Passion Fruit Mousse
a person pouring sauce into a bowl filled with food
Fig and Date Pie, Honey and Yoghurt Ice Cream.
a white plate topped with a dessert covered in fruit and sauces on top of it
White chocolate and rose water Whipped Ganache , Strawberry sorbet , white chocolate yogurt snow, compressed strawberries, rose water meringue #bachour #bachoursimplybeautiful #theartofplating , #chefstalk #gastroart
three different types of ice cream on sticks
there are three desserts with different toppings on them
Food as a form of high art.
someone is spreading lemons on top of a cake
Pavlova with lemon curd
1h 50m
two glasses filled with dessert sitting on top of a table
Cuisine et Vins de France
a white plate topped with food and garnish
Tres leche cake, Coconut Sorbet, Passion Fruit Jelly, Coconut meringue, tropical fruits , coconut Cremeux #chefsroll #Bachour #bachourchocolate #bachourchocolatebook #bachoursimplybeautiful #chocolate #theartofplating #chefstalk #chefsofinstagram #gastroa