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Head and Neck - Areas/Organs - Mouth - Muscles

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Plate 5: Radical Neck Dissection - 10x14 Giclée Canvas Print of Vintage Surgical Illustration

This is a 10" x 14" giclée canvas print stretched on a 5/8" wooden stretcher bar and finished with a clear satin polyacrylic varnish to prevent surface scuffing. It is a reproduction of a vintage surgical illustration from my personal collection. Please see the additional photos for examples of completed canvases.FOR MULTIPLE ORDERS PLEASE USE BULK DISCOUNT LISTINGS.http://www.etsy.com/shop/cheeseboyproducts?section_id=13221865Watermark on web image only.Canvases are custom made to order, so…


For my character, i want veins running up the neck and face, i want some to be protruding and others to be subtle, i want these to look realistic and run along with the natural muscles and veins. T…

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Roof of Mouth

Roof of Mouth, palate, incisive canals, lesser palatine foramina, greater, lesser palatine vessels, palatine raphe, incisive papilla, palatine aponeurosis, palatine muscles, levator veli palatini, tensor veli palatini, uvular muscle, palatoglossus muscle, palatopharyngeus muscle,

7. The anatomy, histology and development of the pharynx, larynx and thyroid gland.

7. The anatomy, histology and development of the pharynx, larynx and thyroid gland. Anatomy of pharynx, larynx and thyroid gland. Thyroid gland Location = deep to sternothyroid, and sternohyoid m, …

Tympanic Cavity Anatomy

Tympanic Cavity Anatomy Posterior tympanic artery, Stapedial branch of stylomastoid artery, Facial nerve (CN VII), Posterior auricular artery, External carotid artery, Stapedius muscle, Superficial temporal artery, Inferior tympanic artery and nerve, Maxillary artery, Middle meningeal artery, Accessory branch of middle meningeal artery, Otic ganglion, Artery and nerve of pterygoid canal, Superficial petrosal artery and greater petrosal nerve, Deep auricular artery, Chorda tympani, Facial…

Carotid sheath:Internal carotid artery

Internal carotid arises at the bifurcation of the common carotid between C3 and C5 vertebral level. It has no branches outside the skulls and passes straight up in the carotid sheath, beside the pharynx to the carotid canal in the base of the skull. Relations: posterior: sympathetic trunk, superior laryngeal branch of the vagus medial: ascending pharyngeal artery lateral: internal jugular vein and vagus nerve anterior: lower down by lingual and facial veins, the occipital artery and…

Hypoglossal Nerve (CN XII): Schema Anatomy

Hypoglossal Nerve (CN XII): Schema Anatomy Intrinsic muscles of tongue, Superior longitudinal, Transverse and vertical, Inferior longitudinal, Styloglossus muscle, Meningeal branch, Nucleus of hypoglossal nerve, Occipital condyle, Inferior ganglion of vagus nerve, Hypoglossal nerve (CN XII) (in hypoglossal canal), Anterior rami of C1, 2, 3 form ansa cervicalis of cervical plexus, Superior cervical ganglion, Superior root of ansa cervicalis, Internal carotid artery, Inferior root of ansa…