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an art work with red, white and blue flowers in the center is surrounded by silver filigrees
a pink and white card with an image of a tree in the sky, surrounded by clouds
an old book with some fancy writing on it
Strong's book of designs a masterpiece of modern ornamental art New and enl. ed. Published 1917
an old envelope with ornate designs on it
an open book with drawings of vases and urns
Kelken en pronkbekers, plaat XX, Charles Onghena, 1827 - 1829 - Rijksmuseum
an old book with some writing on it
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Mascara, Journal Cards, Junk Journal, Cards, Vintage Calling Cards, Calling Cards
Victorians left calling cards in a tray (receiver) at the host’s front door
an old book with some type of lettering on it
Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type and Borders (1874)