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an apple made out of patchwork fabric on a piece of white paper with pink and green accents
Seams Sew Easy is Here and Farm Girl Friday Week 18 - YeeHaw!!!
three red strawberries hanging on a white fence with green leaves and flowers attached to them
some red and white polka dot hearts on a wooden table
four jars filled with pickles and strawberries
Pimentas & morangos.
three jars filled with jam and strawberries on top of a table
five pink hearts are in a bowl with lace
Pretty in pink.
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Ivory Strawberry
a decorative cone shaped object with green flowers on it's side and polka dot fabric
two green velvet heart shaped pillows with bows on the top one has a diamond brooch
three tiered trays holding decorative items on a table
Pretty velvet roses and strawberries