Government Shutdown

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i think Obama, is a joke. He is throwing a fit because people do not want 2 B saddled with Obamacare. America is waking up. However, 2 try 2 get his way, he is doing things he thinks will force us 2 scream & yell on his behalf. Really, dude, U are an idiot if you don't think Americans aren't smart enough to see what U are up 2, U R a fool. Give me a red pencil and a weekend & I can cut BILLIONS out of the budget! DEFUND OBAMACARE NOW! If you do not vote to do so, I won't vote for you.

Nancy Rollins
Say a prayer and Load your Guns it coming and people will be ready :) We Are The World, In This World, Say A Prayer, Thing 1, Gun Control, Down South, Our Country, God Bless America, My Guy

Keep Calm - The American Version

Created for the "Keep Calm and Carry On: Design Variations" Poster parody group. Given that "keep calm and carry on" is a stereotypical British behavior, my variations were based on other cultural stereotypes....

Government Suspends Border Patrol - With incalculable number of illegal residents already within U. borders & many more funneling through our porous borders every day, many have decried the relative ineffectiveness of the Border Patrol. The Stooges, Us Border, Government Shutdown, Our President, New World Order, Up And Running, Founding Fathers, Paladin, First Nations

Government suspends border patrol

With an incalculable number of illegal residents already within U.S. borders and many more funneling through our porous borders every day, many have decrie

Business Loans: Look, Time Warner. Stop suing the government for saving the internet. Progressive Causes Time Warner Cable funnels huge sums through Government Shutdown, State Government, Political Issues, Political Party, Save The Internet, Money In Politics, Are You Serious, Time Warner, Fantasy Football


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Took place at the Million Vet March today! This government is disgusting! Obama sends in riot police for WW Vet! Lets Illegal immigrants and Occupy wall st run amuckThe most Anti American Potus ever! Tea Party Patriots, Pray For America, Us Veterans, Riot Police, Fight For Us, Political Views, The Millions, Shark Tank, Oppression

Riot police at the white house. 10-13-13....somehow I think you guys might have been a little outnumbered by the video I saw.

Government Shuts down Catholic Services on Navy Base; Priest threatened with arrest; TMLC Files Federal Lawsuit - Thomas More Law Center Catholic Mass, Catholic Priest, Roman Catholic, Government Shutdown, Obama Administration, Navy Base, Freedom Of The Press, Bill Of Rights, Political Party

Priest Suing Obama Admin. Over Threat That He’d Be ‘Subject to Arrest’ for Holding Mass During Shutdown

"Catholics have an expectation and obligation to attend Mass..."