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Ways to Find Balance - Skills for Life - Improved Wellness & Lifestyle - Personal Development
a black background with white text that says, use the 21 / 90 rules to build a habit, and 30 days to build a life style
Money Affirmations
Marketing/Biz Terms You Should Know
an info sheet with information about the different types of women's body shapes and colors
Safrina Desita - Safrina Desita
a woman in sunglasses holding a folder with the text what to say when a client says you're too expensive?
What to Say When a Client Says You’re too Expensive
a woman sitting at a desk with an open book and notebook in front of her text reads 3 steps to get over a slump and get motivized
3 ways to actually get over a slump and get motivated
The Best Albert Einstein Quotes
a note pinned to a pink wall with the quote not to self you are not too old and it's not too late
Buddhist Teaching
Inspirational Video