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an empty hotel lobby with a reception desk
Kitzig Design Studios - Innenarchitektur Architektur
the reception desk is made out of wood and has a plant growing on it's side
High end custom front desk / reception desk for office / spa / nail bar / brow bar
an architectural diagram showing the different parts of a building and its surrounding structure, including two sections
Gallery of Bespoke Romance Showroom / pc-|< Paolo Cesaretti arch - 28
an office with people sitting at tables and talking to each other in front of the counter
Cool Reception Desks | StrongProject
https://linktr.ee/alinefonsecaarq Store Design Interior, Office Layout, Office Waiting Rooms, Small Office Design, Lawyer Office Design
Consultório de Hipnoterapia| Painel ripado iluminado | Arq. Aline Fonseca