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a woman in a blue dress with text that reads help me shampoo you're my only soap
#programmer #life #tech #startup #lifestyle #ruby #rails #javascript #stackoverflow #software #engineer #web #development #instagood #meme #lol #alphacoder
a t - shirt that says help me stack overflow you're my only hope
Help me Stackoverflow
Help me Stackoverflow
IEchan is not amused (Merryweatherey) Kawaii, Comics, Cute Comics, Dark Comics, Earth-chan, Anime Meme, Anime Memes, Anime Version
IEchan is not amused (Merryweatherey)
IEchan is not amused (Merryweatherey)
a cartoon duck with a speech bubble saying simply explained to the person in the background
Static Typing
Programmer humor at its finest.
two people are talking to each other in front of a computer screen with speech bubbles above them
How To Make My Python Code Shorter With Function.
Funny Python joke on function.
there are two types of people
Computer (and Math) Humor
a comic strip showing how to use the same language as an image and what it looks like
This is the basis in which my programming class is formed. Sad thing is I get these jokes. Nerd life, live it, accept it.
a comic strip with an image of two people talking to each other and the caption is
“Programmer” is another term for “tech support,” right?
Ah, the joys of being a web developer...
the simpsons comic strip about computer engineers and how they use computers to help them learn
MaríaJ.DíazCandamio on Twitter
Ingesloten afbeelding
a sign that says, the program is working home play sleep
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Programmers Life !
a comic strip with two men talking to each other
Geek And Poke
Today: analysis of a production bug
a comic strip with the caption saying sometimes coders don't wanna know
Programming Cartoons: Take 2 - Tech N Comp
Art of Bug Fixing
the cartoon shows people sitting at desks and talking to each other
Master Scrum on Twitter
Complex projects are like onions: you peel the requirements one layer at a time. Yes, and they also make you cry.
a comic strip with the words geeks are funny and an image of a man talking to
Even More Geeks — Geek&Poke
Room number forbidden
the comic strip shows how to use language
The Blame Line [Comic] - Geeks are Sexy
The Blame Line [Comic] - Geeks are Sexy Technology NewsGeeks are Sexy Technology News