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a coat rack with two coats hanging from it's hooks on the wall next to a bench
Bank kast combinatie: inspiratie & ideeën - HOMEASE
Bank kast combinatie: inspiratie & ideeën
there is a ladder that has many pairs of shoes on it in front of a white wall
Ladder Shoe Shelf - A Little Craft In Your Day
Not only is this shoe organizer handy, it makes a striking piece of room decor too! #DIY
a painting on the wall next to a stair case with a bench in front of it
Showing off your art.
Beautiful classical staircase. Not sure about the artwork though.
the stairs in this house are made from wood and glass
Keller Kimbrew Residence by Keller Studio | HomeAdore
an empty room with stairs and a window in the wall next to it on top of a tiled floor
Remy Meijers | The Shape Of Silence
Jaren 30 villa © Remy Meijers leuning
a clothes rack in the corner of a room
closets for people without closets
minimal clothing storage
a white hallway with a bench, coat rack and rug on the floor next to it
Planète Déco
Zo wil iedereen toch binnenkomen. Leuke opbergmand (o.a. verkrijgbaar bij Ikea) en 2 leuke bankjes. Meer wooninspiratie op mijn interieurblog
the carpeted stairs have blue tape on them
Maar dan op witte trap
the carpeted stairs leading up to an open door Luxe Traplopers en Trapbekleding.
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the stairs are made of carpet and have been painted in shades of gray, brown and white Luxe Traplopers en Trapbekleding.
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