drywall joint compound

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two cement pumpkins sitting on top of a wooden table
Looks Like More Pumpkins…..
Neat paper mache DIY for halloween props and decorations
a person is holding something in their hand while they are painting a brick wall with white paint
Plum Doodles
How to Create Faux Bricks using Joint Compound and a Level + Brick Faux Finish Painting Tutorial
a person holding up a mask with words on it
Static: - A new way to paper mache
Halloween Forum
a person holding up a fake skull in front of a wall with holes on it
Static: - A new way to paper mache
Static: A new way to paper mache
a tree that has been made out of newspaper strips and magazines is sitting on the sidewalk
How To Make A Paper Mache Tree
How To Make A Paper Mache Tree - because you just never know when you might be in need of one.
some tools are laying out on a table next to a ruler and other crafting supplies
Feature Friday- Faux Iron Gate
Faux Iron gate from toilet paper tubes!! love!!
a brick walkway in the middle of a building under construction with tools and other items around it
The Creative Imperative
We do this all the time! My go to technique. Nice resource to have pinned in the file. The Creative Imperative - making faux brick out of styrofoam/foam insulation panels.
there is a coat hanging on the wall next to some stairs and potted plants
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
DIY Faux Brick Wall/ Snippets of Design. Can't believe this is fake. Looks very real