Mia Valåmo
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Whether you’re looking for a specific instrument or just looking to celebrate all things musical in ink, we have you covered. We’ll check out guitars, piano keys, and a whole lot of treble clefs that all have their own creative twists. If you’re a career musician, casual ivory tickler, or perhaps just an iPod owner, a musical tattoo is an awesome design choice that everyone can relate to. This soundwave. (Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi) This line of music. (Photo: Alan Chen) This keyboard. (Photo…

(Photo: Brendon) This sketch style sword tattoo. (Photo: Inez Janiak) This Roman gladius. (Photo: Ricardo Da Maia) This psychedelic dagger. (Photo: Helena Darling) This neo traditional thigh piece. (Photo: Fearless Tattoo) This gem-handled da