Medival dress

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Você é assim: Um pedacinho do céu pra mim. Você é minha Paz... Com cheirinho de Anjo enviado de Deus. Pra me fazer feliz... __Sophia Vargas ♥
ПЛЮС РАЗМЕР Женское льняное белье 18-го века Claire | Etsy
You can see here the opening is reinforced by boning. This way it stays straight. I used it for my Outlander inspired jacket as well, blog posts coming soon!

16th cent.

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1880 silk taffeta and velvet dress, back view
1880 silk taffeta dress with alternate bodice
Regency gown by costume maker Elena Potapova

19th cent.

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The clothing consists of the blue linen laced dress. Silk brocade separate sleeves are pined to the short dress´s sleeves. A scarf elongated to the point at the back is inserted to the neck opening. The headwear consists of transparent veil and a fringed band. Below the waistline is a red belt with hand-made gold embroidery "De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum".
These pictures were taken at Jamestown - applying buttons using a strip of fabric
Mitten sleeves with silk lining (N. Italy late 14th century). Made by Ylffwa Urwäder

Европа 14-15вв

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A universal pattern for the historical reconstruction of both the Vikings, Scandinavians and Slavs. Made to order in custom size. | #vikings #viking #vikingstyle #vikinglife #vikingreenactors #vikingreenactment #vikinghair #vikingwoman #vikingsofinstagram #vikingpride #vikinggirl #vikingwarrior #slavicgirl #slavicmythology #reenactment #reenactor #reenacting #reenactors #medieval #earlymedieval #vikingembroidery #historicalsewing #historicalcostume #aprondress #handmade
"Norse Shaman Shawl, Harvest Witch Shawl, Viking Wedding, Norse Wedding, Nordic Wedding Shawl, Medieval Wedding, Norse Witch, Celtic Wedding Today we bring you \" The Harvest Witch Shawl by Ritualistic Collection. The Harvest Witch Shawl our fourth garment by \"The Ritualistic Collection\" was inspired by the Völvas, the Norse/Viking Witches and by my shamanic experience in Völva's rituals connection with Tribal Fusion dances. The Ritualistic Collection garments are made entirely on traditional

Викинги, скандинавы

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Украинский костюм

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a woman dressed in red and black is holding a pole with her hands behind her head
Recreating the Urs Graf Mercenary - Part 1: Planning and the Wams/doublet
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Колекція «Соняшник» в українському стилі (@sonyashnyk_style) • Світлини та відео в Instagram Instagram, Scandinavian Costume, Russian Folk, How To Wear, On Instagram, Quick Saves
Колекція «Соняшник» в українському стилі (@sonyashnyk_style) • Світлини та відео в Instagram
a woman is sitting on a bench wearing a brown dress
Колекція «Соняшник» в українському стилі (@sonyashnyk_style) • Світлини та відео в Instagram
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