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two cartoon images with one saying stop it and the other saying focus in front of a laptop
a comic strip with an image of a cat carrying a heart shaped box and the caption dream dreams don't work without teamwork
a comic strip with unicorns eating donuts and an elephant saying sometimes it feels like i don't exist
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an image of two cartoon characters eating food together, with the caption i'm upset
ketnipz on Twitter
a comic strip with an image of two laptops and the caption that says,'what fruit are you? '
ketnipz (@Ketnipz) / Twitter
a dog is pulling a towel on top of its back with it's paw
a cartoon character wearing a red sweater and yellow boots with the words life is better in mi
ketnipz wallpaper ❤️😍
comic strip about how to sleep in bed with the caption that says, finally
an image of a cartoon character holding a cube with the words i'm complicated on it
the instructions for how to draw cartoon characters with their eyes closed and hands in different positions
a cartoon character with sunglasses and an orange hat is standing in front of the words life is better in mi sweater
four square pictures with an image of two people in the rain and one is wearing sunglasses
a comic strip with an image of a cat and dog