Marius Tengs Johansen

Marius Tengs Johansen

Marius Tengs Johansen
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Aesthetic Compass of a Gentleman Rogue

Get fashionable warm during colder days with a sweater vest! Get helpful fashion tips in wearing sweater vests right here!


Mmm, yes; from the suit jacket to the striped shirt to the tie to the vest to the watch to the wedding ring. Now just to find the right man to go in it!

Blue on cream/beige is such a classy combination. I my eyes it just works so well. Easy to match with bolder ties and/or hankies.

— Navy Chinos — Brown Leather Belt — White Silk Pocket Square — Beige Blazer — Navy Polka Dot Silk Tie — White Vertical Striped Dress Shirt — Dark Brown Suede Boat Shoes -Next Saturday Me Style//just combine with batik for not being mainstream-

The color/pattern combination screams "style" - it really pops in all the right ways. Would definitely wear it!

Men's suit is so amazing, the colors are absolutely amazing! I may have to change my wedding colors so Kevin can wear this suit! The blue color of this suit is so unique and awe Fashion