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The Hills Have Eyes by WolfRoad on deviantART, werewolves, wolf, wolves

Mog cruel evil mean general of black pack kills for fun hates Varta and will do anything to kill her no mate or pups power is taking other wolfs powers away from them( they can't use there powers)

Robin Isely

at–twilight: “ What do you offer the wolf at the door? A rose, your throat, or something…more? “More has become my mantra” More. I say the word and invoke a hymn to my beauty. It's a simple hymn that resonates within you.

Art of Dawn McTeigue - Google Search

Art of Dawn McTeigue - Sneak Peek this time with Sabine Rich Art's amazing colors over my pencils on one of the soon-coming Zenescope Red Riding Hood covers.

wolf and red riding hood

Brother Grimm's Little Red Riding Hood this is the valentines version of my original art work "red riding hood ~ the first touch". little red riding hood ~ be my valentine