Exercises in futility LP 2015 cover art

Mgła - Exercises in Futility (Full album) - DLMetal


King Apathy by Thränenkind, released 13 May 2016 Desperation King Apathy Ghosts Urban Giants The Blood On Our Hands Drifter What We Believe In Smokestacks And Concrete Walls Vanishing Youth Homeruiner

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Laurestine cover art

Four-piece So Hideous hails from New York and mixes heavy metal with ambient and classical tunes. Hear the band's 'Laurestine' ahead of release.

Pillars (E.P.) cover art

NASA The barred spiral galaxy also known as the Southern Pinwheel. The Hubble photograph captures thousands of star clusters, hundreds of thousands of individual stars, and 'ghosts' of dead stars called supernova remnants