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Cambridges, March 2020 - Ireland
Catherine, March 2020  - Ireland
Cambridges, March 2020  - Ireland

Ireland - Mar 2020

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Cambridges, Pakistan
Catherine,  Pakistan
Catherine, Pakistan

Pakistan - Oct 2019

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Cambridges  - Norway
William, Catherine, Mette-Marit and Haakon - Norway
King Harold and Catherine, Norway

Norway - Feb 2018

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Catherine,  Sweden
Catherine, Sweden 2018
Cambridges, Sweden 2018

Sweden - Jan 2018

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Catherine, Germany
Cambridges - Germany
Cambridges  - Germany

Germany - Jul 2017

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Catherine, Poland
Catherine, Poland
Catherine, Poland

Poland - Jul 2017

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Catherine, Luxembourg
Catherine, Luxembourg 2017
Catherine, Luxembourg 2017

Luxembourg - May 2017

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Catherine, Paris
Cambridges, Paris
Catherine, Paris

Paris - Mar 2017

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Catherine, Belgium
She'll save that for later! Kate was given a cake as she toured the cycling festival. One Lycra-clad cyclicst Tom Wirtsen also noted of meeting the royal, "I think I was more nervous than during a cycling race."
Kate Middleton Photos - Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend a WW1 100 Years Commomoration Ceremony at Le Memorial Interallie on August 4, 2014 in Liege, Belgium. Monday 4th August marks the 100th Anniversary of Great Britain declaring war on Germany. In 1914 British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith announced at 11pm that Britain was to enter the war after Germany had violated Belgium's neutrality. The First World War or the Great War lasted until 11 Novembe


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Catherine - Netherlands
Duchess Katherine
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge meets King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. October 11 2016

Netherlands - Oct 2016

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Cambridges, Canada - 2016
Catherine and Charlotte, Canada 2016
Catherine, Canada 2016

Canada - Sep 2016

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Cambridges, Bhutan
Cambridges, Bhutan
Cambridges, Bhutan

Bhutan - Apr 2016

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Cambridges, India
Catherine, India
Catherine, India

India - Apr 2016

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Cambridges, 9 December 2014 - New York
New York, USA, 9 Dec 2014
Cambridges, New York

New York - Dec 2014

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Catherine, Australia
Cambridges, Australia
Cambridges, Australia

Australia - Apr 2014

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Catherine, New Zealand
Cambridges, New Zealand
Kate Middleton Makes a Surprise Appearance Wearing Emilia Wickstead-

New Zealand - Apr 2014

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Catherine, Solomon Islands
Catherine, September 2012
Catherine, 2012

South East Asia - Sep 2012

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Catherine, Denmark 2011
Cambridges, Denmark 201
Cambridges, Denmark 2011

Denmark - Nov 2011

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Catherine, 2011
Catherine, Los Angeles 2011
[b]The Occasion:[/b] Arriving in Santa Barbara [b]The Outfit:[/b] A lavender Roksanda Illincic shift dress and her favourite LK Bennett Natalie clutch [b]The Buzz:[/b] This dress caused confusion among style critics, who originally had it pegged as a Peridot creation. It is, in fact, by London-based designer Roksanda Illinic – a particular favourite of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Los Angeles 2011

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Duchess of Cambridge Canadian Royal Tour 2011
Catherine, Canada - 2011
Cambridges, Canada 2011

Canada 2011

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a woman in a purple dress is walking down the street with two other people behind her
Duchess of Cambridge’s Canadian Royal Tour 2011 Wardrobe
Duchess of Cambridge Canadian Royal Tour 2011
a woman holding a wine glass in her hands
Catherine, Australia
the prince and princess are standing in front of a pile of dirt
Cambridges, Australia
the duke and princess of cambridge are dressed in royal blue gowns as they walk down the red carpet
Cambridges, India
a woman wearing sunglasses and smiling while holding her hand up to her face with both hands
Catherine, India
a woman leaning against the door of a car
Catherine, India
the young woman is smiling as she stands in front of other people
Catherine, India
a man and woman walking up the steps of an airplane with their hands in each others'pockets
Cambridges, Australia
prince william and kate are walking together in the wilderness with their dog, duke george
Cambridges, Bhutan
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of some trees with red flowers
Cambridges, Bhutan
a woman wearing a flower crown sitting in the back seat of a car smiling at the camera
Catherine, Solomon Islands
two men and a woman wearing cowboy hats
Catherine, Canada - 2011
a man and woman walking down a path in front of a small white building surrounded by trees
Cambridges, Bhutan
a woman with long brown hair wearing a green vest and white shirt standing in front of trees
Catherine, Bhutan