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the mountains are reflected in the still water at sunset or dawn, with clouds and snow on them
Beautiful Nature
Lake Louise, Banff National park, Canada, by Shumon Saito, on 500px.
a green seahorse is standing on its hind legs
Crested Seahorse by Dwarf4r on DeviantArt
the aurora bore is glowing green and blue in the sky above snow covered ground with trees
The Living...
Auroras in Whitehorse Yukon, Canada.
the inside of an ice cave with water flowing down it's sides and rocks on the ground
A Travel Bucket List: 15 places to color your world with infinite shades of wonderful!
the water is very blue and there are clouds in the sky above it at sunset
Pamukkale Travertines
Pamukkale, Denizli konumunda Pamukkale Travertenleri
a waterfall in the middle of a forest with blue water and trees on either side
the water is crystal clear and blue in this mountain stream, with an old stone bridge over it
Spain Travel — *SPAIN~ Puente de la Jaya, Cares River, Picos de...
an aerial view of niagara falls and the canadian side
Extrema belleza
two sailboats anchored in the clear blue water
an old building with many windows and towers
a boat is out on the water near some rocks and trees in the distance,
a person holding a flower in their hand on the beach