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a bedroom with pink walls and two headboards on the nightstands next to each other
a tunnel with wooden slats on the walls
Gallery of Metal Hands Coffee Renovation / Linkchance Architects - 8
three different views of the inside and outside of a house with wood paneled walls
Elephant Grounds Have Opened Their Latest Coffee Shop In Hong Kong
The facade of this modern coffee shop is open to the street and defined by a dual black door frame surrounded by wood.
an indoor dining area with potted plants on the wall and wooden chairs at tables
Experience is centre-stage at Copenhagen's rustic recycled wonderland of a restaurant, Väkst...
the interior of a restaurant with blue and red decor
First look inside Kava & Chai’s 4Space-designed DIFC coffeehouse - Commercial Interior Design
First look inside Kava & Chai’s 4Space-designed DIFC coffeehouse - Projects, Kava & Chai, 4Space Design, DIFC, F&B Design - CID
the bar is stocked with bottles of alcohol
Interiores por Marisa Gallo
Marisa Gallo es una diseñadora de interiores española con los diseños más exclusivos y elegantes. Reconocido por creaciones de espacios de residencias y áreas comerciales en España y en América Latina. En este proyecto, el diseñador de interiores optó por un diseño simplea pero lujuoso.
the inside of a restaurant with wooden floors and green tiles on the walls, along with bar stools
Rooftop Bar & Cinema - Picture gallery 17
Rooftop Bar & Cinema - Picture gallery
the inside of a restaurant with round tables
Linehouse on Instagram: “One of our favourite nooks in our new restaurant project in Hong Ko… | Restaurant interior design, Luxurious interior design, Cafe interior
the interior of a modern restaurant with red and white tile flooring, large round shaped oven
Il ristorante clandestino nella vecchia fabbrica di tessuti di Budapest
Plyus Roman diseña un restaurante en Budapest con un kaws incluido