Anita Romarheim Aasebø

Anita Romarheim Aasebø

Anita Romarheim Aasebø
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Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo 1/4 coconut milk 1/3 liquid castile soup like Dr Bronners. 1tsp vitamin E, olive oil or almond oil, essential oils 10-20 drops.

DIY home made natural deep hair conditioner via One Good Thing by :: cup coconut milk cup liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) 1 tsp vitamin E, olive or almond oil 10 to 20 drops your choice of essential oils

472 Meals In A Jar Recipes

472 Meals In A Jar! Simply add all the ingredients to a jar and label, and then you simply need to add any fresh items and cook! Easy peasy meals that will save you time and money! Everything from sou (Ingredients In A Jar Gift)

pallet ideas (8)Loving this white washed pallet patio creation!

Useful pallet crafts can solve problems in your backyard garden and interior decor alike, yet the wood texture in the sunlight is something rather special especially when doubled by a thriving vine and flowers.