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the upper and lower letters are handwritten in cursive writing with black ink
Letter families, historical alphabets, and a FREE traceable worksheet
the upper and lower letters are drawn in black ink on a sheet of white paper
Letritas - Salvabrani FB3
a heart with an arrow drawn on it and the words jamie kelly written in black ink
Box Framed Tree Carving
With your names carved into wood, our framed tree carving is a truly unique way to celebrate your love. Each one is made from actual tree bark, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that is both rustic and elegant. A gorgeous gift for weddings and Valentine’s Day, or something a little different for a 5th wedding anniversary, represented by wood.
a tree with a heart shaped sign attached to it's trunk in front of a stone wall
Personalized Wedding Gift Tree Carved Names Heart Customized Photo Anniversary Valentines Day Invitation pp151
"A gorgeous old tree by a stone wall, with a \"digitally\" carved heart bearing the names and wedding date of the lucky couple. To request the names and/or dates, just spell them out in the \"Message to Seller\" box at checkout. The date can be removed if you prefer--just let me know at checkout. SIZES AND PRICES ► Sizes: 5x7\" to 24x30\" (See dropdown list above.) ► For details about MOUNTED CANVAS prints, see below.... SIMILAR ITEMS ► My shop has other prints with NAMES CARVED IN TREE TRUNKS h
a wedding card with an image of a tree on it
Fingerprint trees & finger print guest books | Alternative guest books Wedding Trees | Thumbprint