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an aerial view of a fire burning in the distance
A destruição de Jerusalém | Lições da Bíblia para crianças
an old painting of people walking in the desert
Jeremiah Was a Prophet, Part 6
a painting of men on horses with people in the background and one man laying on the ground
Handel - Joshua
Handel - Joshua
a man pointing at something while standing next to other men in an alleyway filled with rocks
Nehemiah’s Gates of Jerusalem as a Type of the Covenant Path
a painting of jesus with long hair and beard
an old painting of people in front of a fire place with one person laying on the ground
a painting of a man playing a trumpet
Rose Datoc Dall Fine Art
a painting of people sitting on steps in an alley
Category:Gospel of Mark - Chapter 6 - Wikimedia Commons
a painting of jesus leading the way to calamin people in front of him
Brooklyn Museum