Morten Skjævestad

Morten Skjævestad

Morten Skjævestad
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Thaulow: Rocks at Kragero, 1882, Norway

Rocks At Kragero 1882 by Frits Thaulow

Frits Thaulow 1847-1906: Det gamle Hjem Rentlergården, Kragerø, 1882

The Old Farmhouse Rentlergården, Kragerø - Fritz Thaulow 1882 Norwegian

Painting by Norwegian Painter Frits Thaulow

Frits Thaulow Wonderful Norwegian Painter November in Normandy, 1895 Nybro, Christiania, 1898 Woman of Normandy Dor.

Norwegian artist Frits Thaulow painting “En plein air” circa 1900

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing.