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an image of different types of eggs in the same section, including one egg and two eggs
identify intestinal paracite eggs
Image result for identify intestinal paracite eggs
an image of different types of eggs in each egg type, from the beginning to the end
the web atlas of human parastatology is displayed in this screenshote
an image of different types of cells
Para atlas
an image of water with bubbles and drops on the surface in close up, looking like it is floating or floating
Case #291 - January, 2011
Entamoeba coli, cyst found in a wet prep
an animal cell under microscope glass with water droplets on it's bottom and inside
DPDx - Intestinal Hookworm
Figure A
an image of a sink drain with water running down it
DPDx - Hymenolepiasis
H. nana egg in an unstained wet mount. Note the presence of hooks in the oncosphere and polar filaments within the space between the oncosphere and outer shell.
an image of some sort of animal cell
Eggs of Taenia spp.
two pictures of the same spot in an animal's stomach
Pequeno atlas de Parasitologia
Pequeno atlas de parasitologia
an animal's cell is shown in this image, and it appears to be under the microscope
Isospora belli- small, 30 um, AIDS-associated. Looks just like this, do not miss.
an image of some fish in the water under microscope glass with light coming from it
Leishmania braziliensis