Maja Arvidsson

Maja Arvidsson

Maja Arvidsson
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Ferm Living Wooden frame maple stor

Ferm Living Wooden frame maple stor

Minimal Kitchen, Tablemat, Kitchen Accessories, Circles

IKEA - ARKELSTORP, Skjenk, Massivt tre er et holdbart naturmateriale.Justerbare ben, står stødig også på ujevne gulv.

ARKELSTORP Sideboard IKEA Solid wood is a durable natural material.</t><t>Adjustable feet; stands steady also on an uneven floor.

Swedish Dream Soap #anthropologie

All KALASTYLE SOAPS are natural and/or organic in color, fragrance, and ingredients. Many Kalastyle soaps have been made throughout Europe and Scandinavia for over 100 years. These are very high quality soaps.

TISDAG LED gulvlampe - IKEA

TISDAG LED floor lamp IKEA Uses LEDs, which consume up to less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

KALLAX Hylle IKEA Du kan bruke møbelet som romavdeler siden det er like fint på begge sider.

Pick the perfect shelving unit to store and show off your books and stuff from IKEA online. We have shelving units and systems tailored to your needs.

Create your own nature-inspired ornaments.

Decorate your Christmas tree with glass ornaments filled with traditional holiday greenery. Turn glass ball ornaments into mini terrariums with sweet-smelling holly, bayberry, and evergreens.