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Are You Looking After Yourself? I try to take some responsibility to look after myself on a flight e. bringing slippers, lavender oil, ear plugs, face mask, sleep shades to enjoy the experience more.

why kanye's protege vic mensa isn’t mad | Photography Eric Chakeen

Vic Mensa Talks Nirvana, Chicago, Kanye West & More: Fresh off the release of the official visual accompaniment to his Kanye West-assisted track "U Mad," rapper Vic Mensa sat down for a brief.

Personal Message | The paintings of Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber

I'm too old to care about trivial things. not only that, I actually don't carry much disdain in my heart to get upset over things.


i don't understand what i did to have my two best friends cut me out of their life but god. it hurts so much