Ravelry: lacesockslupins' modified Annemor #15, Twined Selbu, 5th of 11 FG"s

Ravelry: lacesockslupins' modified Annemor Twined Selbu, of 11 FG"s maybe not so all the fingers

Knitting Pattern - Beautiful Norwegian Sweater - Instant Digital Download - PDF - Pattern - Winter - Christmas - DIY

Knitting pattern PDF for a beautiful, feminine Norwegian sweater. The pattern has a classic design made from from old Norwegian knitting patterns,

Selbustrømper Fra boken Norske strikkemønstre av Annichen Sibbern Bøhn.

Traditional Norwegian sock pattern from the book "Norske strikkemønstre", Norwegian knitting patterns by Annichen Sibern (later married Bøhm). First edition 1932

Norwegian mitten ("Selbuvott")

Norwegian mitten ("Selbuvott") these are what my mittens look like that my friend knit for me for Christmas while I was in Norway. I love them very much and only where them for special occations.