A Mason Jar centerpiece

Mason Jar Centerpieces Tied Together; gold and teal ribbon with white flowers - inspiration! My vintage blue jars tied together with the dark blue lavender in them for my centerpiece on the dining table!

Metallic Painted Mason Jars. LOVE

Spray Paint Mason Jars - Mason Jar Crafts Love These are so pretty. I have to spray paint some jars. Also see Chasing Fireflies - the Scentsy, painted mason jar warmer of the month!

paper boat place card

paper boat place card - already all set with placecards, but maybe a craft for the kids table!

mason jar

A big beautiful floating flower in hanging mason jars. we could do flowers in some jars and candles im others for day and night

Mason Jar Centerpiece

DIY Mason Jar and Twine Materials: Mason Jars, Twine (found at craft hardware stores), Liquid Fusion, Decorative Ribbon Scissors

DIY Gold Painted Vases

DIY Gold Painted Vases

DIY Gold Painted Vases - here’s the easiest of DIY’s ever that actually went from party to dining room table decor pretty instantaneously. Painted gold milk jars turn vases that took me all of about 20 minutes to craft.

Darling burlap heart place cards

Los Gatos Wedding by Tanja Lippert Photography

make a paper boat

Make your own place cards with these cute paper boats! What you’ll need: wrapping paper or regular paper in letter size or (if you use paper that is colored pretty on one side only, you&