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an x - ray image with the words photobombing for the win
how to photobomb a chest x-ray
a cartoon depicting a doctor and a patient who are both talking to each other about medicationss
Deprescribing on Twitter
an older woman is in bed with two younger women who are talking to each other
doctors are talking to each other about what is in the patient's mouth and how does it work?
Comics | USA TODAY
a group of doctors standing in front of a light with the caption oh i know what that organ is, want it don't tell me
Free Range by Bill Whitehead for April 19, 2017 | GoComics.com
Vet Tech Humor, Hospital Humor
a man laying on top of a bed next to another person in a hospital room
Half Full by Maria Scrivan for October 03, 2015 | GoComics.com