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Mona Thorkildsen

Mona Thorkildsen
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Chicks dig me. Supernatural DEAN HOLDING A BABY. ovaries go boom<<< the fact that he said "hey beautiful" ! I'm just picturing him remembering holding his baby girl and saying that to her. Excuse he while I go cry

DA2: I will protect you by *Mistiqarts on deviantART

Commission for representing one of the few rare happy moments spent together in perfect harmony, between her Warrick and his wife Tansina. I will protect you

All because they do not wish to see anyone suffer the way they do. Lord of the Rings meme - one character

the deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song until the last days of Arda.

DAO- companions by Zinoodle on DeviantArt

a scene from the fanfic "The hunt" by OMG, I'm not a lot into fanfics because of barrier language, but I liked a lot this fic! Zevran (c) Biowa.

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