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two wooden tables sitting next to each other
Side Tables
Gustav Bahus Norwegian Teak Triangle Tables
a wooden table with a mirror on it
Table Mirrors
Norwegian Talgos Mobelfabrikk Teak Tilting Vanity Mirror, Circa 1950
a mickey mouse figurine is posed in front of a white background with black and red accents
a wooden doll sitting on top of a stack of multicolored balls and stripes
Vintage Brio Suède en bois d'empilage poupée jouet, Coloré, Vieux Classique Jouets et jeux. | eBay
there are many colorful toy figures on the table together, including clowns and cats
an advertisement for frisbeeon featuring three colorful toy figures with faces on them
a poster showing different types of toy animals
a poster with many different items on it's sides and instructions for how to use them
a poster with many different types of figurines on it's back side
Brio design jaren 60
an open book with pictures of different toy animals
a red and white casserole dish with black lid
Cathrineholm kasserolle
Cathrineholm kasserolle Lotus www.hellans.no
a red and clear glass container with the word kaffe on it's side
Erik Kold kaffe-boks
Erik Kold kaffe-boks www.hellans.no
four glass teapots are lined up on a white tablecloth with red handles
Kanne og kopper
Schott Mainz Jena Glas www.hellans.no