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many wrapped presents sitting on top of each other with numbers and ribbons tied around them
Quality Rivets
GREAT birthday idea that could be used for any age!! Instead of buying him just one gift, I decided to get him 12 gifts which he has to open every hour as of 9:31am. 31 minutes because he turns 31 years old. The gifts are all meaningful (between him and I) and range from $2 to $100. He gets to enjoy his birthday the entire day :)
a wooden frame with two hearts carved into the bark of a tree, next to a bed
Custom Engraved Wood Picture Frame | Green Bride Guide
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, permission to play video games tonight without me explaining
Girlfriend Makes 'Dirty Coupons' For Her Boyfriend To Use As He Pleases (Photos)
Girlfriend Makes ‘Dirty Coupons’ For Her Boyfriend To Use As He Pleases (Photos)
four blue blocks with numbers written on them
LOVE – A Day of Presents
A DAY of presents! (12 small gifts to open each hour). My man loved this last year, click to see what the 12 gifts were :)
balloons are floating in the air over a table with pictures and photos on it's sides
Balloons + Photographs = Fun Party Decor
Idea for a boyfriend or someone who loves you. Put little notes in the balloons with a description of what the event in the picture means to you as a couple or pair!