Morten Pettersson

Morten Pettersson

Morten Pettersson
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Cool Work Bench - The Garage Journal Board ...would love to see some variation of this, with legs, for Sean

Inspiration - Cool Work Bench - The Garage Journal Board . Adi could make his work bench with curved leg support on piano hinges that fold in, and then the countertop hinges down on top of folded leg supports.

Second set of roof truss types

Roof trusses and how to repair them. In this DIY guide we take a look at roof trusses and joists and see what different types of truss there are, what causes them to fail and how you can repair any damage

woodworking table saw jigs | Woodworking jigs the ultimate in shop scrap recycling. | All ...

Crosscut Sled: mine is made a full 3 feet by 28 inches for better control and larger cuts It takes time to get it straight so every cut is 90 degrees but it is worth the effort.

Router subbase adds radiused corners to panel doors

A routed groove adds interest to flat-panel doors, but finding a way to radius the corners was a mystery to me. This router subbase changes that. First, build a router subbase from 1 - My Easy Woodworking Plans