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an image of a wheel with different words in german on the front and back side
a poster showing different types of children's names and their meanings, with an image of
Læringsplakater til børn i skolen
a snowman made out of paper on top of a wooden table next to a piece of paper
Winter Ideas - Part 1
Fun interactive winter unit including songs, crafts and activities for kindergartners!
an image of a person sitting on the ground with their hands in the air and other words above them
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a poster with the words in different languages
Growth mindset - posters
I USA har man ofta uppmuntrande posters på väggarna i skolan. Jag har nu gjort ett antal själv som jag tänker sätta upp i klassrummet. Om du...
an image of different types of animals and their names on a piece of white paper
SANGER MED TEGNINGER - www.hildes-hjoerne.com
four classroom name tags hanging on a wall
Teaching Funtastic | Engasjerende undervisning uten lærebok
Lyd-plakaten vår! Eirin Rannekleiv - Arendal Internasjonale Skole
the bulletin board has been decorated with pictures and magnets on it's sides
Henger opp på tavla en eller to lapper som elevene kan velge mellom når de er ferdig med oppgaven de får. 3A Krokstad skole
a bulletin board with candles on it and stuffed animals in the corner next to it
Adventstavle - 2b Aronsløkka skole Drammen
a tree made out of handprints on a white wall
a bulletin board with words written on it
Mitt valg-aktivitet