LADY Pure Color 5180 Oslo, Jotun maling. Dark painted walls. Blue with a hint of green.

The color 5180 Oslo by Lady Pure Color. Perfect for our little hallway toilet room.

Flügger farvevælger 2488

Flügger farvevælger 2488

Nye farger fra LADY - LADY Balance 2024 Senses

The sleek, rust red vase stands out against a balanced wall in Lady Balance 2024 Senses. A perfect color for you who are weak to powder pink tones.

Greige living room Stylizimo

If you& like us, you love a nice floral arrangement. When it comes to arranging a beautiful flower display, sometimes less is more. With the poetic arrangement in these minimalist designs, you&

Garden flowers

FRESH FLOWERS FROM THE GARDEN I've been self served with flowers from the garden this whole summer, and this weekend flower bouquet is no exceptio.

INGRIDESIGN jotun colour swatches Norwegian Presence

This week I went to Norwegian Presence, a new exhibition concept presenting a mix of work by Norwegian designers, crafts artists and producers.

Jotun_Frama_LADY_5030 St.Pauls Blue_5

Jotun + Frama = St. Pauls Blue