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a paper cut out of a boy with black hair and brown pants, standing next to a pair of scissors
spive spive spive spive spive kiss spive spive sspive
i love spive / my art/dolls ^_^
a mushroom that is growing out of the ground
an image of the reflection of water in the sand
a black and white photo of a skull with a knife in it's mouth
mild headache
an orange shrimp sitting on top of a chair next to a desk with a laptop
Funny Stuff, Dan Howell, Funny Things, Funny Relationship
an image of two cartoon characters hugging each other
@Rokkimarz on Twitter
a drawing of a dog with glasses on it's head and the words i love you written across its face
bive but as an 'I remember You' song cover
can u tell the hyperfixation is coming back.