Sara Ekberg

Sara Ekberg

“When I see that life gives me just what I need, Whether joyous or painful, in order to see. I stop getting angry and start to give thanks, Rewiring the circu
Sara Ekberg
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Our favorite bridal style: wedding dresses with unique backs and daring details - Wedding Party

I doubt I would ever wear this dress.and I have no idea as to where one would wear this dress to. The only thing I am sure about is that this dress is BEAUTIFUL!


Reserved / BAREFOOT Bohemian WEDDING barefoot sandals BROWN Toe Anklets crochet Sandals sole less shoes crochet anklets antique flowers via Etsy. this is super cute i love the boho style

Ultimate idea for a killer tattoo

I love the use of dark black ink on the light galaxy print, i think it makes the pattern really stand out. I also love the intricate Indian style pattern and if I have time I'd like to create something similar for m ID project.


Fav tattoo ever! I wish I could get a hand tat. :( In my opinion, Rihanna kinda over did it with the mixture of cultures on her hand. But I love the original tat.

Another set of moon/sun tattoos

indie tattoos lovely henna gypsy girls with tattoos sun and moon foot tattoo beautiful tattoos moon tattoos detailed tattoo sun tattoos love-on-pause

Amazing designs of sternum tattoos can make your under the breast area look more gorgeous. If you are confused at choosing one, check out the newest sternum tattoo trends to pick one.

Always said I would get an Udjat tattoo because it's my favorite Egyptian symbol. I never thought about getting it on top of my finger but I really like the look.